According to NINDS (National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke), about 80% of humans suffer from back pain at some point. Most of us are not aware of the fact that our bad habits contribute to cause back pain. Since, we are not wary of what these bad habits are, we continue to suffer from back pain and at times make it worse. It is good to visit a pain management clinic in Ahmedabad, if the pain gets intolerable; however, in most cases we can prevent back or lower back pain from happening in the first place.

Let’s take a look at what those bad habits are.


Not Working Out

Most of the patients visiting a spine doctor in Ahmedabad, hardly work out. You can go for Pilates or other core strengthening activities that help enhance stability in back muscles. Regular walking, swimming and cycling are also recommended. The more flexibility you have, the lesser are the chances of getting a back pain.


Bad Posture

Poor posturing simply means putting unnecessary stress on spine and causing strain to muscles. The stress caused due to poor posture is enough to make changes in the anatomical characteristics of your spine. It is a good habit to sit with your hips positioned a bit higher than your knees.


Being Overweight

Are you suffering from obesity as well as back pain? Those who are overweight are always more likely to suffer from lower back pain. Especially, if you are overweight in the mid section of your body, it causes the centre of gravity of your body to shift forward, adding extra strain on the muscles of your back. Follow a healthy life-style and consume healthy food to keep back pain at bay.


Not Eating Vitamin D and Calcium Rich Food

Calcium and Vitamin D are absolutely essential for bone strength. Deficiency of these nutrients in your body also leads to back pain problems. If you doubt you may have lack of these nutrients, visit a spine specialist in Ahmedabad for a proper diet chart.



Smoking reduces calcium absorption and also restricts new bone growth. Nicotine your body gets due to smoking prevents the blood flow to disks cushioning your vertebrae. This leads to degeneration of bones and hence increase the risk of back pain.

By saying goodbye to these bad habits you can keep back pain under check. However, it is always recommended to visit a professional pain management clinic in Ahmedabad for expert advice.