Over 60% of women in India are suffering from back related problems either it is acute or chronic pain conditions. Over 38% of Men and 53% of women in India suffer from musculoskeletal pain between the age of 28 years to 70 years.

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Contemporary sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercises, stress and lack of nutritional quality food has resulted in a steady increase in back problems and spine problems. According to reputed pain clinics in Ahmedabad, patients experience pain from spasms, cramps to chronic pain.

A normal housewife busy in taking care of her household for her family barely works out. Not working out and spending most of the time watching television causes obesity which adds to her physical woes. According to a research, bone density in females reduces by 32% after the age of 35 and hence they need to be a bit more careful about their body.

It is just not housewives though, who suffer with back pains. Men and women working in a corporate environment also have a sedentary job. Almost 8 hours of sitting without much physical activity leads to spine and back related problems, which may not become obvious at early stages, but even mild backaches and neck pains are signs that you need to pay attention to your back and spine. If this seems familiar to you, you should consider visiting a spine doctor near you. When ignored, lower back pain can even result in sciatica which takes a considerable amount of time to cure.

According to Dr.Pratik M Shah of Impulse Pain hospital, a pioneering pain clinic in Ahmedabad, here are 5 simple ways to care of your back-

  1. Keep an erect posture
  2. Reduce the time to watch TV
  3. Follow a good diet
  4. Sleep before midnight
  5. Do yoga and pranayama daily

It can be concluded that back related problems can be taxing but by following a good exercise regime, doing yoga and consuming nutritional food, these problems can be kept at bay.