Mechanical Back Pain: 3 Causes Which You Cannot Ignore

When we look around us we can easily find people who are suffering from lower back pain. Problem isn’t that they are suffering from back pain but the fact that they don’t pay much attention to it. It is like they are considering this as a normal headache. Ignoring lower back pain is not a good idea because it can be the symptom of some big mechanical back problem your body is going through.

I am also suffering from back pain. After sitting for an hour without any proper support, I start feeling severe back pain. So I need to take some rest and then continue working. I was so frustrated with this issue that I decided to visit a spine doctor. I searched for spine doctor near me. The doctor told me that I have the problem of minute disc dislocation problem. So, I got a treatment from one of the best spine doctor in Ahmedabad and got relieved from this problem.


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Following you would find 3 causes of Mechanical back pain which you cannot ignore

Intervertebral disc degeneration:

This problem is created due to high pressure at one point on the spine. This problem starts because of one or more breaks or dislocations in the spine. It can mostly be observed in the lower back. This problem is very common amongst the old age people.

Disorder of facet joints:

This can be one of the reasons for back pain. Facet joint is present at each and every bone to provide support to the neck and the lower back. It can create a problem, when it starts wearing down or moves at a different angle. It allows very less movement in joints after a point, if not dealt with properly.

Herniated discs:

We have 26 bones in our spine that are cushioned, which further allow the movement in spinal cord. If this cushion slips from between any two bones, it could lead to back pain. There are many reasons behind this such as overweight, high physical exertion and so on.

There can be many reasons for lower back pain. It is advisable that you get a check-up before it becomes a bigger problem. Remember, little ignorance in present can cause you much more than you could think of in the future.