3 Unusual Ways You’re Hurting Your Back Without Knowing It

People think that only a certain set of unhealthy activities may be responsible for hurting your back. Even worse, some people think that lower back pain is not even a real problem to be dealt with. If you go and ask a senior citizen who is troubled with lower back pain in his senior years, you will realize how far you are from the truth and in what all ways you can hurt your back without knowing it.

The common notion amongst Indians is that back pain can only be result of an accident or maybe genetics. To help all those people who think in the same lines, here are 3 seemingly unusual ways you may hurt your back without knowing about the risk you are at:

Lower Back Pain Specialist
  1. Not exercising at all.Initially this may not surface. Forget about surfacing, it may not even seem to be a problem. You can live for years and years without exercising and may not face a single big issue with your back. Then, one day, out of sheer excitement or the need of the hour you will bend down to pick something heavy and will have great trouble getting back to your normal posture. That is when you see – what you should’ve been doing all those years. In such situations, get a lower back pain treatment or visit a lower back pain specialist at the earliest.


  1. Exercising too much. Quite contrary to the popular belief, exercising a bit too much can also result in injuries to the lower back. Many people who have only recently started hitting a gym get way too excited and start putting in more work than they should in working out. When it comes to sports and performing arts, most of the athletes face injuries due to one common phenomenon – fatigue. If you face discomfort after excessive exercise, get yourself lower back treatment from a trained practitioner.


  1. Exercising in the wrong way. Finally, exercising in the wrong way can be even worse than not exercising at all. Hence, always pay attention to your form and in case you find problems, immediately see a lower back pain specialist.