Ozone is a gas that normally exists in the atmosphere and is produced by the effect of UV rays of sun’s light on the oxygen. Medical ozone is the mixture of oxygen and ozone, in variable concentrations according to how it is applied.

Ozone Nucleolysis is a procedure used to relieve back and leg pain by the injection of ozone in and around the disc. This procedure is an extremely effective alternative to surgery for the treatment of back, leg or arm pain caused by a herniated or a prolapsed lumbar or cervical disc.

It should be done according to evidence based protocol published in literature. Though it is much safer than operative procedures for slip disc, but not without side effects.So proper guidelines should be maintained.

Procedure Detail

Even after an experience of nearly thousand of such cases we have not encountered any of the above mentioned major complications. Minor complications like transient pain at injection site is common. Patients may be discharged on same day or after one day hospitalization. Cost of this procedure at our center is one third to one fourth compared to surgical disc procedure.

What is the course after the Ozone treatment?

  • After proper selection of patient, discussion with the patient, and some basic investigations they are admitted in the hospital for one day.
  • Patient is taken into the operation room with facility of C-arm. All aseptic precaution is taken. He is taken at the table in prone position and the problem disc is identified. Local anaesthetic is injected. This is not painful and all patients can tolerate this. They are awake and talk with us during procedure.
  • After the needle is positioned perfectly as guided by C-arm images (patient can see these images)
  • After waiting for a minute ozone-oxygen mixture (gas) is taken from the Ozone Generator machine and injected inside the disc. Then the needle is taken out.
  • The is simple procedure in safe hands. Difficult part is placing of needle inside the disc which need proper training of the performer.
  • To the patient is like injection only.
  • To the doctor it is equivalent to a surgery of pathological disc.

For both of us it is much less riskier, more economical, less time consuming. Thus is saves money, time and many complications related to surgery and anaesthesia.

How does Ozone work?
When Ozone is injected in the inner disc space (nucleus pulposus, there is a production of antioxidant enzymes. These neutralize the toxic materials present inside the inner disc space and cause shrinkage of the disc. Further, Ozone dissolves in the water in the disc and affects the proteoglycans which are the building blocks of the disc causing them to shrink thus reducing the disc volume and lessening the pressure on the nerves.

Is Ozone therapy safe?
Ozone injections have been found to be an extremely safe form of treatment and are currently employed in Europe as the first treatment of choice in disc herniations. The treatment is by and large free from any side effects.

What are the benefits of Ozone nucleolysis?
There is:

  • No incision
  • No scarring
  • No general anaesthesia
  • No hospital stay (day care procedure)
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Very short absence from work

Side Effects and complications
This procedure is very safe in safe hands with experiences. Complications are rare, but are still there in inexperienced hands. They are:

  • Injury to to nerve roots.
  • Infection of the disc called discitis.

What is the course after the Ozone treatment?

  • Bed rest advised for the first 48 hrs
  • 10-15 min walk advised from day 3
  • Full activity with the exception of vigorous activity from day 6
  • Forward bending and lifting of weight not allowed for 4 weeks
  • Spinal exercises to be started only after 3 weeks and after consulting the doctor