Before we start, one needs to know why anyone gets/can get a condition like frozen shoulder. Doctors haven’t found a particular reason for the same. There are chances of people with diseases like diabetes being vulnerable enough to get affected by this condition. Some of the known symptoms of frozen shoulder are stiffness, swelling and severe pain. Here are a few stretches to save you from (regular) shoulder issues.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Ahmedabad

Stretches to Heal Frozen Shoulder

1. The ‘crossover’ arm stretch

Try to stretch one arm right across the chest, below the chin. You can lock the stretched arm with the other arm for 5-10 secs. Do the same with the other hand. 3 repetitions of this exercise will help you loosen up the stiffness in your arms.

Try to not over-stretch it. If it starts paining, you are requested to leave it at that.

2. The ‘normal’ arm stretch

This is one of the most suggested stretching exercises by the pain specialist in Ahmedabad. One can stand sideways, with one leg and one hand in contact with the wall. Once the position is attained, start stretching.

Another ‘normal’ stretch is where one has to face the wall while being a bit away from it. Start leaning forward, letting your hands settle on the wall, spread like wings. This reduces the stiffness in the shoulder.

Doing these stretches for 5-10 seconds for 3 times will help you a lot in dealing with the condition.

3. The 90° (degree)’ body stretch

In this type of stretch, one needs to stand at a position, where their affected arm can be bent and fixed at a wall or doorjamb at 90° (degree). Keeping your arm fixed, in the same place, try rotating your body in the opposite direction. Rotate till you reach a position, where you can feel the stretch in your arm and hold for 10 seconds.

4. Supine Position

Out of all the exercises, this is the easiest of them all. One needs to simply lie down on your back, and keep your legs straight. With the help of your unaffected arm, lift and lock the affected arm overhead. Slowly keep lifting your arm till you feel the stretch. Try to hold in the same position for 5-10 seconds and then bring back to the original position.

These exercises will help you reduce your pain, and the stress attached to it. Although you might not have knowledge of physiotherapy or aren’t a doctor, easy exercises like the ones mentioned above will be helpful. If you are too tensed about trying out these exercises without guidance, you are welcome to visit the pain specialist in Ahmedabad at Impulse Pain. The experts at Impulse Pain will help you leave the pain behind.