About Vascular Pain

Many times vascular insufficiency in upper limb and lower limb causes the severe pain in limbs.

Causes of vascular pain

  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon & disease
  • Buerger disease
  • Diabetic foot gangrene
  • Post embolectomy vasospasm
  • Intraarterial injection of drug
Symptoms of vascular pain

Intermittent claudication
It is the most common pain symptoms seen in vascular pathology. Type of pain is burning, cramping or aching. It is very severe in character. It is usually associated with low blood flow to the muscle of limb. Using of that muscle while walking causes gradual onset of pain, so patient has to stop & take rest for some time. Usually pain relieve after taking rest.

Rest pain
This type of pain occur in advanced or critical arterial vascular insufficiency. It is due to severe ischemia of the limb. Rest pain is characterise by a diffuse, ill localized aching or burning pain in the distal foot. It is very severe at night & when limb are elevated. Pain is relieved by limb hanging down position. It is usually associated with ischemic ulcers & gangrene of limb.

Pain Management & Investigation

Pain management

  • Treatment of cause like embolectomy, vascular anaestomosis
  • Diagnostic stellate ganglion block for upper limb.
  • Diagnostic lumber sympathetic block for lower limb.
  • Radiofrequency ablation of stellate & lumber sympathetic block


  • Arterial & venous Doppler
  • C.T. Angiography