Back pain can arise due to various reasons and, irrespective of whether it is major or minor, it can ruin your day. The first thing you should do if you begin feeling pain in your back is to pay a visit to a good spine doctor in Ahmedabad. Alternatively, some home remedies can also work for you. Some of these may relieve your pain in minutes while others may take a full day or two.

spine doctor in Ahmedabad

Here are some of the best techniques you can use to cure your back pain at home.


Posture makes a big difference to your spine’s health. In fact, bad posture is a major cause of back pain worldwide. When you correct your posture while suffering from backache, you influence your spine to re-align itself in order to relieve you from the pain. This method can take anywhere between 15 minutes to 5 hours to take effect on your pain.


We recommend visiting a doctor for back pain treatment in Ahmedabad. More often than not, apart from suggesting physical therapy and some exercises, spine doctors also prescribe pain-killers. It is recommended not to buy and consume pain-killers on your own, unless it is prescribed by a professional doctor.

Physical Therapy

Specialized pain clinics in Ahmedabad recommend physical therapy to most of their patients. While you need a supervisor or doctor for trying out advance techniques, you can still do basic stretches and maneuvers. There are many good videos on YouTube explaining the same.

The above solutions are bound to help with back pain when professional treatment isn’t accessible. All of these solutions have been recommended by several backache specialists. Nonetheless, if you don’t get benefitted, you should immediately seek professional advice by visiting a back pain specialist.